Determination congers up pictures of strength, power, tenacity, grit, and all out focus on a goal. Basically, a Badass with attitude shouting I CAN DO IT AND NOTHING WILL STOP ME. Advertisements


Do you feel as if life isn’t going upward and forward? Do you keep pushing forward only to be stuck with minute movement? Times like this is when we all need to step into that word – Perseverance. Some of us hate the word, as it conveys an image of struggle and hard work. Others … More Perseverance

Hope for Change

What do you hope for in your life? Companionship, friendship, house, car, a inspiring career. Would you call your life hopefully and fun? Are you happy and content? What moves you forward?  We all move forward, as we can not stop time. We have a choice regarding moving forward. We can fight to move mountains … More Hope for Change

Remove Barriers

How do you approach barriers and obstacles? With fear? With anticipation? With a victory mindset? Our attitude predicts if we conquer, climb over or fall back in horror and defeat.