Anticipation and Expectation

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Do you anticipate the next minute? Do anticipate your next vacation or adventure? Do you anticipate good health spiritually, physically and emotionally? How do you anticipate a healthy emotional state of mind? First, take inventory. Check your thought and speaking patterns.  Do you catch yourself in a state of flux and anxiety? Do you know why you are using negative, dark language and are feeling anxiety? Look at your expectations.

When you are undisturbed by the appearance of good or bad expectations, you succeed. If you allow the “what if” to roll over you, and you choose a neutral state of mind, all becomes calm.  We attract what we magnify. We create a mountain out of a molehill. Why?

We listen to our anxieties rather than making friends with hindrances and obstacles. Do not magnify obstacles, magnify the Lord and His power.

“I make friends with hindrance and every obstacle becomes a stepping-stone. Everything in the Universe, visible and invisible, is working to bring to me my own.”                              – Florence Shovel Shinn

What would happen if we made friends with hindrance, obstacles and negative circumstances? Would we grow, and create a positive place? Would we fly with our desires and dreams? “We should all be bringing some seemingly impossible thing to pass”, said Florence Shovel Shinn.

Many people are unable to fulfill their greatest desire as they throw up limited conditions through word, thought and laziness to move in a forward motion. You must feel, see and prepare yourself to move your anticipation from the invisible to the very physical world we live in.  As Florence Shovel Shinn states, “Be undisturbed by appearances. Rejoice yet while in captivity.”  Choose to see beyond what your physical eyes and what your invisible negative thoughts say, and reach into the superconscious mind to the realm of inspiration, revelation, illumination and intuition.

Contact me with your anticipations and expectations and how you choose to live undisturbed by the appearance of good or bad expectations.

Go now and anticipate the unexpected!


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