Remove Barriers

DSCN0141 Priest Oxford color

How do you approach barriers and obstacles? With fear? With anticipation? With a victory mindset?

Our attitude predicts if we conquer, climb over or fall back in horror and defeat. Sit and visualize your reaction to obstacles you have faced. Did you succeed and climb and conquer or did you fall back? When we have no emotional response to our barrier or inharmonious situation, it fades away. The longer we stare and sit in front of our barrier, the longer it stays and grows. When we take our focus off the obstacle it diminishes.

When you reach an obstacle , turn it into an opportunity.

You many ask, how do I not have an emotional response when the obstacle is in my face every minute of every day? Refocus. Refocus your thoughts on the positive. Be awake spiritually, as well as to your surroundings. Keep your head up when you are out and about. You would be surprised at the change in your attitude.

Recently, when I was out and about, I bumped into a person, I would see at a local  restaurant. He  was always encouraging and says I remind him of Barbara Walters. (He knows I love to interview people on tv and radio.)  Since I was looking up and not at my obstacle,  I engaged in community and my attitude changed. Though my obstacle, is not gone, it was diminished a wee bit during this surprise meeting.

The long arm of God reaches out over people and conditions, controlling this situation and protecting my interests. – Florence Shovel Shinn

Refocus your thoughts. What do you ponder minute by minute? Rise up and out of the lack and limitation thinking and link with God’s power. He makes a way when there is not a way, as far as our human eyes and minds can see. Supply appears when there is not any supply to be seen. We all suffer from what our eyes can see as we don’t “do imagination” very well.  Grab a hold of your imagination! For if you can imagine and believe, then surprises do come and our expectations rise up. We see with our minds, of “what can be and can happen”.

I challenge you to close your eyes and imagine the obstacle melting away. Focus on your emotions and positive thoughts. Let me know if you climb and conquer or if you fall back. Don’t worry if you fall back, for tomorrow is a new day to conquer! Go warrior and walk forth in faith.



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