Positive Attitude Equals Power

DSCN0217 London streetPOWER – What is your definition?

The other day I was asked the definition of power. My first thought was Power = positive attitude. The reason is that we as individuals, are the only ones who determine our attitude. We have an internal and external choice. WE, and only we can choose our attitude. We can let frustration, anger, hurt, and disappointment roll off our backs as water rolls off a duck. When we allow ourselves to become non-resitstant to these negative emotions, we have and use our POWER. The enemies, whether others or our own thoughts, conversations or self-negative talk will magically disappear, when we change our attitude. We attract the things we give a great deal of thought and energy towards. If you constantly think of lack, your attract lack. If you think of success, you attract success.

“A person with a rich consciousness attracts riches.” Florence Scovel Shinn

Our attitude is the real power and can change the battle of our minds to a game of life. The power of our words dissolves obstacles and removes barriers. Even in the presence of the enemy (others and our own doubts, fears, resentments), a way out is always prepared for you. Through your spoken word, you are continually making laws for your self. The words you are speaking audible or internally will transpire into reality at some point of your life. When we speak good of others and defuse resentment and anger, and we see positive happenings begin to appear.

Develop and grow a sense that miracles and wonders are coming to pass. Foster a success expectancy. Don’t look back as Lot’s wife did (she turned to stone). When we look back and mull over horrible situations, bad treatment, negative thoughts and regrets; we turn to stone.

Change your attitude and change your world.

Our hearts hardened, our attitudes become negative and our lives spiral downward. When we place ourselves back into these situations, we are drawn back into a non-manageable life where hope does not prevail.  We stifle our power.

Remember power = positive attitude.  We must immunize ourselves to all discouragement and hostile appearance. Give thanks for the dawn of a new day.  Change will come.

You may wonder how can you be positive about anything. as you look at your life.  But, I encourage you to grab on to one thing each day, no matter how small.  Are you breathing? Do you have clothes? Do you have friends/mates who walk with you in life? Are you healthy? Do you have access to a computer? Pick one thing to be thankful for and choose to change your attitude, which will give you POWER!

Power = Positive Attitude

GO now and get your POWER!

Challenge: Inbox me the words you speak internally and externally to others.


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