Do you feel as if life isn’t going upward and forward? Do you keep pushing forward only to be stuck with minute movement? Times like this is when we all need to step into that word – Perseverance. Some of us hate the word, as it conveys an image of struggle and hard work. Others of us, see perseverance as a state of mind as we reach for our goals. Everything we aim for in life such as relationships, adventures, goals (work, family), or sports mandate perseverance.

Every goal demands perseverance! – K. Tole

It is all about perspective as we grow and choose to step into our goal. As, I have stated before, our attitude determines how we see ourselves as we persevere. What is your attitude? Do you see yourself as struggling and working hard? If so, flip your attitude and state, “I am a conqueror and full of victory”. Life changes every second, and it only takes one person, one comment, one connection to change your direction as you persevere through your life. We all have choices.  We and only we, ourselves determine if we push forward and persevere through our own “struggles”. You can choose to be joyful and happy or you can choose to be angry and frustrated.

Choosing to change direction and changing your attitude will bring people across your path. Only then will events happen, contacts will come, doors will open, surprises will bloom, all to assist you as you persevere through this season of your life. Keep taking one step forward and don’t stop.

Leave me a comment. Let me know what motivates to you to persevere towards your goals. Your words may boomerang and transforms others.


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