Inspiration When Distractions Take Over

Distractions are everywhere as is inspiration. What do you do when distractions in life take over and invade YOUR inspiration? How do you fill your life with inspiration?

DSCN0575 blurry Paris Gard du Nord Train station

I was recently “kicked in the butt” by a friend, who has kept her goal to do some type of art, (draw, paint, play guitar) everyday. She started this goal on her 50th birthday; a year and a half ago! Today on Facebook, I saw another one of her art pieces.  I was hit with the realization that her life distractions don’t stop her from doing her art everyday, even if she only gives it 15 to 30 minutes.  I realized I have let distractions and bumps in the road distract me from my goal to write weekly.

Her FB posting was my call to arms to get back up and post inspiration for myself and others.

Who do you admire? Who in your circle of friends or associates has set a goal and kicked it in high gear to accomplish it? The key is to give a bit (as little as 10 minutes) each day to your passion and goal. Meeting one’s goal is like running (or walking) a marathon; you move one step (10 minutes) a day.  Slowly and surely, your goal becomes a vision of land after being on a ship for weeks.  It is there and will come into focus as long you and I take one step each day toward our goal.

My goal is to write my blog once a week and work remotely freelance from anywhere with my computer and passport as my companions. My motto is “Have passport, will travel”. To accomplish this goal, I need to write and share my inspiration for others and myself. My passion is to inspire and encourage all people in every place of life. And to be inspired and encouraged, I need to write.

What motivates you to take one step forward each day? Reply to me with the people, places or things which inspire you and provides food for your soul. You never know how your inspiration will inspire others as well as me.


One thought on “Inspiration When Distractions Take Over

  1. Life always has its ups and downs. We should never wish for a Straight Line! That means you are dead! You are “spot on” when you say, “Take 10 minutes a day to do something toward your goal.” Pretty soon, it will be 20 or 30 minutes. If we never set a goal , we will never achieve something! Keep on putting one step in front of the other!
    Good thoughts!!!


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