Love the Storm

SKy above ABQ moms - edited

Do you love storms? What do you do when a storm arrives in your life? Do you run and hide under your pillow?  Or do you soar high above it and know without a doubt the sun is shining beyond the storm clouds?

Do you use the storm to lift yourself higher or do you allow the storm to keep you down in the dirt and high winds? What motivates you through the storm? We know if you continue to push through you will see the sun!

The sun always comes out.

We all have a choice to push up and above or to sit and be frightened of the very storm we are trying to escape. Why do we sit and allow the storm to envelope us? We know the sun will shine and we know that we can climb as high as the eagle flies. Staying frozen and frightened, doesn’t do anything but make us a stone statue with no movement.  Do as the eagle does; use the raging wind to raise yourself up higher. Don’t be afraid of the storm, use it to your advantage.

Stepping up and soaring above the storm actually frees us. Its give us an opportunity to glide and rest, while all the other birds are hiding in the branches and trees.

Rise up and face your challenges head on knowing that these will make you emerge stronger and better than you were prior to the storm. You and only you can step out. Eagles fly alone and we each have a choice to fly higher with only the wind to support us. Believe that the sun is shining beyond the clouds you see and fly!

Belief is the most powerful magic in the universe!

Get out and soar. Take a running leap towards your goal and passion. All storms end! Fly high above all the noise and destruction and experience rest and quiet. There are people who need to meet you! There are words you need to write that people need to read. There are inventions that you need to invent for people who need your invention. Go now and rise above the storm.

Enjoy the gliding and quiet above the storm! Take courage and get a I CAN DO IT attitude!




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