London street croppedDetermination congers up pictures of strength, power, tenacity, grit, and all out focus on a goal. Basically, a Badass with attitude shouting I CAN DO IT AND NOTHING WILL STOP ME.

What energizes and powers you to keep the grit of determination? We sometimes stop, get off track and allow the swirls of life to distract us from our goal. How do you get that “fire in the eyes”, fierce and focused attitude back? It takes a choice to be determined. We, and only we allow; ourselves to be distracted from our determination.

The bottom-line is that only we can determine our I CAN DO IT attitude. It is a total shift in perspective. A TOTAL refocus. What step do you need to take in order to refocus? Write it down. Is it to jettison negative friends, finding new adventures, giving 5-15minutes to your goal? Step out and take a step towards your passion. The adventure could be mind-blowing and crazy fun!

We as humans want to be helped and lifted up, but only we, in ourselves; can refocus our own life. Yes, we can have a community around us who walks with us and encourages us, but it is only us who can really kick ourselves into gear. Only us who can get our DETERMINATION on.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make a horse drink. It is only you who can take the step forward.

It is only ourselves who will kick our goals into the stratosphere. No one else will do it for us. What is your passion or goal? Are you giving your goal 5-15 minutes daily to improve yourself? If not, get going! Life may end tomorrow and you don’t want to miss your opportunity to reach your goal. There are people who you need to meet, who need to read your blogs, who need to make your recipe. Get out there and kick your goals to the stratosphere! NOW!

If you need a person to help you get your DETERMINATION on, contact me. As I kick my own determination into high gear, I can help power start yours. I don’t tolerate negativity, or pessimism. I am BIG dreamer and full of fire. Step out! Write your list! Set your focus with DETERMINATION.





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