Expect and Prepare for Good

DSCN0359 stratford flowers

Expect and prepare for good, despite what you see with your physical eyes. What we “see” will change. The foliage blooms, dies, and restarts a new life in the spring. The landscape changes as new businesses, and housing developments are built. The weather is constantly changing. The sun ALWAYS comes out after the rain. Good will come because change marches forward. It is going to be okay, despite what  you think. It is all about your perspective. All of which, we can change if we choose.

Where does your supply come from? Who is  your supplier? Who uplifts you and carries you when you are perplexed? Yourself? Others? If you answered these questions with, “myself.”, you are incorrect. As you stop and peel back the layers of your life, you will see it was others who gave you a powerful word and in turn you chose to change gears.  It was others who stepped in when you needed assistance. We tend to think we do it ALL ourselves. But we need to give credit to others and then pay it forward.

“Life is a mirror, and we find only find ourselves reflected in our associates.” – Florence Shovel Shine

As you change gears, expect and prepare for good. The 11th hour always happens. Most provision and change happens in the 11th hour. The dawn always comes after the darkest hour of the night. There is a silver lining in the clouds. As Florence Shovel Shinn states, “This means that even in the presence of the enemy situation brought on by doubts, fears or resentment, a way out is prepared for you.”

In order to follow the path prepared for us, we need to change our mindset and battle for good. We need to gear up in our fatigues. We need to surround ourselves with positive, optimistic associates. If you can not name five friends or family members who are positive and optimistic, step out and find a new community. Your life depends on it!  

My challenge to you: Write three positive affirmations and list two steps you are taking to Expect and Prepare for Good.

Go now; for you do not know what the next minute will bring. Time is always marching forward and never stops!

You can do it!

Contact me and leave a reply with your affirmations and steps. I am an Encouragement Cheerleader!


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