Your Life – A Game or a Battle?

DSCN0217 London street

Do you view your life as a game or a battle?

It is all about perspective.  Positive or negative? If you view your life as a battle, it conjures up words such as fight, sweat, weariness, pushing and struggling. When you see your life as a game, then words such as fun, exciting, adventurous, and anticipation are conjured up.  Do you flex between the two? How can you stay in the GAME mentality?

Well, step back and review the words you use in conversations with others and conversations you have in your head. Are you negative? Is everything you try a struggle? Is it a chore to walk the dog? Is it a chore to be motivated about life, working out, or stretching into new areas?

Sometimes, all appears to go lopsided – the car breaks down, the job market is harsh, the housing market is sky high, the kids are failing in school, everything is spiraling downward. But are these situations really “battles” or can we view them as an adventure or game?

“Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.”

This quote means that whatever attitude we send out – game or battle – we will receive it in turn. What we say to ourselves will boomerang back to us. When we view life with it’s many turns and twists as an adventure, we change our mental thinking. We then are able to see a way out of the “battle”.  We must reprogram our imaging talent (our brain) to think differently and visualize good.

“Watch over your heart (imagination) with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23

What do you sow, speak, or think in your life? All words and thoughts will boomerang back to us. How do we stay and play in the game mentality? We must change our focus, switch gears, and climb out of the rut. We must surround ourselves with friends, family and community who view life as a game.  When we imagine new and exciting things we erase and “white out” the negative thoughts and visuals.

Review the words you speak. Do we stop and think about how our words justify or condemn us? Many people say, “I never get a taxi when I need one.” or “I never win anything.” or “I could never be a teacher, trainer, or writer.”. When we speak like this we are allowing a battle to rage. But when we state words, such as “I am a victor!”, or “Success has come in the past, and it will come again.”, or “What God has done of others, He now does for me and more.”, we create an atmosphere of excitement, adventure, and anticipation of good in a game mentality

I encourage you to sit quietly and write out words you use regularly. Are the words GAME oriented or battle oriented? How do you feel when you hear your speech? Are you tense or relaxed?

Go on! Start today and live your life as a  GAME. Have fun, smile and create your own atmosphere of excitement, adventure and anticipation.

Try something new! When at the store or coffee shop, smile and complement someone. Just by smiling and having a excited attitude you may get a free burrito or cup of coffee. I did! Just by being “happy”, despite my life situation.

You can do! Go now! Stop the battle. Share an update as you create a new Game mentality.


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