Strong Pillar

When you see these words, what do you visualize? When I was told I was a “strong pillar”, I immediately visualized Samson. He was full of strength and had NO DOUBT that he was strong.

(He did fall hard all because of his own pride and his dependance on his own inner strength; not depending on God.)

He knew, despite what he saw with his physical eyes; he could and would conquer (mainly his countrymen’s enemy). He knew the Lord was behind him. He knew he had SPECIAL strength. He knew he had a purpose!

How can we become and stay a strong pillar? As with Samson, we all have weak spots. His weak spot was his hair.  What is your weak spot? As any sports coach or Army commander will tell you, the weak spot need to be shored up and protected. How do you protect and strengthen your weak spot?

Do you have faith or can you see beyond the “here”? Do you speak positive or negative about yourself and to yourself? Do you have a fabulous community surrounding you?  How do we encourage ourselves? Especially when no one is available to shore us up.

First up is Faith. I have discovered that I, and most of you (I assume) have more faith in other’s potential, then we do our own.  How is this?

I thought, “Why, do I not give myself the same “kick in the butt” as I do of others?” I am a natural optimistic and positive encourager, so, why do I tolerate the negative tidal waves and negative self talk?  It doesn’t matter. It only matters that I chose to STOP the tidal wave. When I feel a tidal wave of negative emotion and negative talk in my head, I erupt into my  KimPossible “kick-ass” attitude that I give others! And that is some POWERFUL energy!

For instance, as I see the tidal wave coming, I change course. I refuse to give into the negative. I say to myself this affirmation:

“I know that what God has done for others, He now does for me and more.” – Florence Shovel Shinn

I will not drown, fail or die. No matter what my physical environment, relationships, or finances looks like, it will be OKAY. The negative voices rush forward as in battle, and shout, “You will never make it!”or “This will never end.”

I refuse to bend!

I know I am a conquorer and so are you. If you can close your eyes and “see” your favorite beach, food, or amusement park, then you can see beyond your physical surroundings. You can see that your life will change because time always moves forward.

You will have to CHOOSE to move forward. And this is where affirmations, positive input and support come in to lift you up.

Second point is affirmations. How many of you realize or register the amount of negative words and speech that is out in the ethereal, on television, on radio, or in the news? Do we ever stop and sit in quiet? Do we CHOOSE to listen to alternative input? How about listening to silence? In silence, we then hear the volume of our own voices. Within the noise is a battle for our minds!  It is a constant fire fight to keep our “voices” positive.

We need to retrain our brains and “kick ourselves” from our slumber.  In order to accomplish this, we need to fill our souls with encouragement and affirmations.  Affirmations are the positive words we need to speak to ourselves.  As most of us travel many hours per day in the car, train or plane, we have to “pull up our bootstraps” and speak to ourselves. Affirmations retrain our brains and turn the negative to positive.

Some encouraging affirmations are:

“I am steadfast and immoveable. My fearless faith in God now brings the Divine Design of my life to pass.” – Florence Shovel Shinn

We are steadfast and immoveable. Only we do not see ourselves as steadfast and immoveable because we listen and internalize many negative words from ourselves and others. Repeat this affirmation and let it sink into your soul.

“I now put to flight the army of the aliens (negative thoughts). They feed on fear and starve on faith.” – Florence Shovel Shinn

Isn’t it interesting, the moment we focus on faith and the “I can do it” attitude, the fear is starved and we in turn, become confident. We kick fear in the face.

Lastly, to fortify a strong pillar we need community.  Community equals new adventures and support. Surrounding yourself with encouraging family, friends or workmates protects you from the enemy. In order to encourage ourselves, we need to get out and about. As we get out and about, we meet new people who then become our support and visa versa.

Just think, YOU may be destined to be some one else’s “strong pillar”.  I encourage you to get out and try something new. You can meet a new person in line at the store, or at the local coffee shop. Listen to the voice who says “You can do it!”, in spite of….

Go be a strong pillar! Jump off the cliff into a new adventure!



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