Change, as slow as it moves; will always move forward

We all get bogged down with time. At times, time moves FAST. At other times, time moves ever so slowly.  We moan that a project, travel, or school “will take forever”.  It is all perspective.

How do we keep our hope, encouragement and positive attitude when all around us everything moves in slow motion? Change is inevitable, despite the fact we get bogged down in our NOW. We in our humanity are tricked to think that “nothing changes”, when in reality every second of every minute does indeed bring change. We are just “blind” to it, as we are constantly moving – slow or fast.

Change is always happening and movement will never stop. How do we kick our butts and not miss out on the very thing we, and only we are called to do? How do we trick our brains to remember that change always happens and we need to get ahead of it? How do we catch up wth our good, as we (most of us), grovel in our own despair? How do we visualize our future and claim the very thing we were born to do? We must have ears and eyes to hear and see it…or it will escape and vaporize into nothingness. And yes, the void will be felt and heard.

Our good precedes us. The unseen future reality does exist and lies in front of us…it is like the invisible bridge in The Raiders of the Lost Ark. Our faith makes it appear.

When we doubt, the invisible bridge disappears from our human eye sight. It is like the color spectrum…different animals can see and hear in different spectrums. Our faith in our future is just the same. We flounder, despair and wallow in our pain, fear, and frustration and therefore do not “see” the next step. Yet, the moment we stop, listen and let go, we see our invisible bridge to our future as it is already laid in front of us. We just need to follow it as the yellow brick road.

“Faith never looks out of the window at the blizzard; it simply prepares for the blessing asked for.” – Florence Shovel Shinn

But to reach the yellow brick road, we have to make the invisible bridge visible. We have to step forward and out of our comfort zone. In reality our fears are not real, as our lives are limited…and the only thing to fear is fear itself.  This realm is not our reality..the invisible does exist. We must step out and face the obstacle in front of  us. When we stand firm and committed, the obstacle disappears. When we face our fear/obstacle, we gain and grow! We become conquers!

We stop our victories from happening.

We fear that we will actually “make it”. Actually have a book published, have a song make it to radio, or be known as an Oscar winning director or actor.  We stop as we fear the unknown and the unexpected.

Note to all: Change does happen…despite our fears and whether we become a famous author, famous singer, or actor.  We need to move forward, because as a friend from high school once told me, “Even as you stand still, change will happen around you”.

Ironically, when we stand still from fear and fright of the unknown, we actually do change. We become lazy, boring,  lack passion and end up dying in an isolated ball.

When we step out and give over to faith, we make the invisible bridge to our future very real. We push back the enemy of ourselves and charge forward to our future which is already happening. It is all perspective.

Now, STOP, pause, and step off the cliff onto the invisible bridge.  Walk into YOUR future that is made for you and that only you can fill. Your behavior will completely echo your belief. Stop listening to the negative.

“Behavior is the echo of belief”. –  Graham Cooke

Go NOW and step off the cliff. The future you is waiting for you!









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