Expect the Unexpected


We all expect something.  But do we expect the unexpected? If we do expect the unexpected, what is our expectation? Is it positive, hopeful, inspiring or negative? Do we expect the known or unknown? Do we mull around positive conversations or negative conservations in our minds?

We all think we know what will come or happen. We seem to think we can see the future, and usually we (a majority of people) expect the negative. First, as much as our enlightened minds think we can, we in our humanity can not foresee anytime into the future. Therefore, we can not say the negative will happen.

What we focus on, will become what transpires in our realm. When we speak positive, we attract positive. We are energized. When we speak negative, we ensnare negativity. We, in our humanity tend to “track” negative. But this choice is 50/50. We in our humanity, can see “the bright side” to all things. We can choose; as it a choice, to be positive.

We speak negative much of the time and are surrounded by the newscasters, grammy and Oscar winners, family, and friends who shout negative content to us. So, we then mope around thinking “nothing good happens to me”. Is this really true?

It is all about perspective.

What is “great” in your world? Who defines the word? What is your definition of “great”?  Your definition is based on your perspective. Is “great”, the surprises bestowed on us, such as being a recipient of a “Pay it Forward” moment as we go through the drive-up window? Is it when we are given a compliment on our clothing by a stranger or is it praise on a speech we gave? We need to expect the unexpected compliment, praise or being a recipient of favor, such as a “Pay it Forward” moment. When we expect it, it comes.

How about when things in our lives are all upside down? Do we call this moment “great”? Are there a parts or pieces in our life, when it is upside down, which we can call “great”? It is all about choosing our positive perspective and expecting the unexpected.

To expect the unexpected, we need to change our mindset. We need to find our “go to” inspiration.

When we focus on the great, fabulous, fantastic, AWESOME, unbelievable and “didn’t think it would happen” moments, we soar! We set our minds in the correct, positive and possibility thinking of “it will happen”!  We excel!  We become inspired to do that VERY thing we are destine to do. We stop the negative in it’s tracks.

We smile more! We share kind, positive words with our friends, strangers and family more. We soon are training our brains (and soul) to truly expect the unexpected.

What inspires you? Go do it! If it is writing, then commit to write for 30 minutes a week. If it is learning to play guitar, then commit to playing 30 minutes each day. If it is art, then commit to drawing, painting, or coloring daily!

When you put movement to your inspiration, you then “Expect the Unexpected”. GO NOW and MOVE!




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