The Divine Design

There is place which you are to fill, and no one else can fill, something which you are to do, which no one else can do. It is YOUR destiny. – Florence Shovell Shinn

This quote is full of inspiration and hope. And it is also a “call to arms”. We each have a specific gift, talent or personality that requires us to be alert, to follow through and surround ourselves in our destiny. It is frightful to think that we don’t do the very thing which only we can do because of our fear, lack of encouragement, or being busy.  What if WE are the very one called to save a life, to listen a lonely friend or stranger, to create a workshop on Changing Gears, write poems or a book ?  What if we are to be a top actor in film, or the next president, or the next Grammy winner? What if we fail to fill the place we are called that no one else can fill?  What if we miss the chance to meet the very person we are to encourage or the person who will connect us to our next step just because we are afraid, worried about what others think or about our financial stability? What if we miss the very chance to change our destiny. Will the world miss the void? YES, it will! The agony of loss will echo through time!


Perfect self-expression will never be labor, but of such absorbing interest that it will seem almost like play. – Florence Shovell Shinn

How many of us labor? Truly LABOR in a dead-end job, in a cube, in a corporate glass building, when our hearts and souls ache for that “something only we can fill”.  If some of you are created to be in cubes and work in corporate glass buildings, I hope you feel like you are playing and not laboring. How many of us touch and dabble in our “perfect-self-expression”, but due to fear or anxiety we find other outlets to fill our time, such as tv, movies, books, Facebook, and Netflix. What fear or anxiety is holding us back? Our “call to arms” is loud and deafening. But we bury our heads in the sand and ignore it. We ignore the fact that we have a specific assignment here on Earth. We ignore our calling due to apprehension and negative voices. What will wake us up? Death and age.

Death and age are equalizers and can, if we let it, wake us up.  Our time on earth does run out. The timer starts the minute we are born. We all waste so much of our time and miss out on opportunities to fill the very space only we can fill. Our fear and negative thoughts invade like aliens. We tend to be more conscious of the negative words verses the positive. Why do we listen to the negative aliens? We could just as easily listen to the positive. How can we contain the negative aliens and only sit and be surrounded by the positive?  We need to sit in our creative faculty.

“It is necessary for one to see the idea before it can manifest” – Florence Shovel Shinn

We have to surround ourselves with photos, videos, and friends who inspire us. Who in your circle of friends repeats to you:

“There is place which you are to fill, and no one else can fill, something which you are to do, which no one else can do. It is YOUR destiny.” – Florence Shovel Shinn

When we fail to surround ourselves with visionaries and dreamers, we fail to seek and discover the very space we are created to fill and do the “something” only we can do. Each of us is unique and only we in our uniqueness can fill the place and do the something we are destine to do.  I was created to be a writer, interviewer, listener, encourager, and light. My first and middle names mean Noble Light, yet, I have failed to follow my destiny and shout to the world the “something I am do that no one else can do”.  I have failed to complete many ventures due to my fear and excuses. I have failed to follow through seeking “my place no one else can fill” in international countries and lands.

When you are called to somewhere or something, pursue it relentlessly. Because if you don’t, you have failed and left a “black hole” that no one else can fill. What a shame!  How many people could we have encouraged? How many people did we miss meeting in order connect us or them to their very next step of their destiny?

I have chosen my destiny. I choose ” to fill a place which no one else can fill and do something no one else can do”.  As this is a special birthday year, I have made a commitment to blog once a week for the next twelve months. I anticipate excuses and fear to rear their heads, but I am choosing not to leave a “black hole” and miss out on my destiny and Devine Design.



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