You are a Badass

We all push through life and wonder, “Will it get better, will I reach my goal and vision, I dream to create in my reality.”

The answer is YES. I, and I’m sure tons of you are overwhelmed with relationships, finances, life’s responsibilities, but I have seen a few friends in my life who are taking steps to conquer their fears and to answers these question we all ask ourselves.

One friend has decided to do something new for each day of her 50th year of life. She has completed many pieces of art, started a self-sustaining indoor garden, written some songs, taught two arts classes. And she is only 4 months into this new adventure.

So many of us are stuck in our old beliefs and illusions that our subconscious portrays and projects for us. It is time to reprogram our subconscious and change the world. Because as we change ourselves, our expectations from the world, change. When we expect blessings, blessing will come. I have been on a refresher course to reprogram my subconscious.

The subconscious mind is like a computer. It takes everything literally and has no sense of humor. As a result it’s often filled with programs that do not serve us. If we visualize success, but prepare for failure, we’ll get what we have prepared for. We must prepare for the thing we visualize, most especially when there isn’t the slightest sign of it in sight. This is called faith…seeing it BEFORE it is in our reality.

We create our world with our imagination. What you can imagine, can become the new reality. I once drove a friend’s Honda Civic..and fell in love with it..I started seeing myself owing and driving it. Well, a few months later, my car died, and I was soon driving a red Honda Civic. A few years ago, I was visiting a friend who lived in a beautiful condo with all the bells and whistles I could dream of at the time. I started to visualize my furniture in specific places in this condo. And within a years time, I was renting this very condo from her. AND yes, all my furniture was placed right where I had visualized it to be, PRIOR to me  ever dreaming I would live there.

The lesson of visualizing is a hard lesson to stay connected with, but the power of it is overwhelming. We can create our new, improved and unbelievable life we want. And YES, we need to work to create. What you focus on expands. Dream it, and it will come. I think of Field of Dreams. “Build it, and they will come”. Faith before reality. It does happen.

As I process forward in life, I dream of being in high places, meeting people in high places, sharing my gift of faith with others. I dream and visualize living in England, traveling through Europe,  owning a house/condo in LA/Pasadena and one in NM. I dream of having my own radio/tv program interviewing musicians, actors, and creative people. I dream to act. To create this reality, I have created my own show named Kim N 5. See And I am currently involved with a radio program interviewing guests, and visualzing more episodes of Kim N 5.

Finally, I, and you need to hold on to our vision and give thanks. Give thanks that the end is accomplished and we have already received it. Faith/Seeing/Believing BEFORE it is a reality.

You are a BADASS!










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