New Adventures!

Adventures are bliss, frustrating, scary, stressful, full of fear of the unknown but for me at least, they always iron out. It is about the ride. The roller coaster ride into the unknown that brings the ultimate excitement. As I recently rode Space Mountain at Disneyland, I was reminded that there are ups, downs and turns that life takes as we journey along. Life is fast, furious and full of darkness, only to be released into the bright sunshine.

I am on a journey to meet more people internationally. I want experience daily life around the world. I am a radio host and walking into the unknown world of hosting my own show. I seek to interview artists, actors, comedians and others. I am jumping in with both feet to create interest in “others”.

Look for Kim n 5 coming soon!

Keep going! Stretch out! Take a ride on a wild, dark roller coaster and see that the wild ride ends safely!  And hold on tight to the adventure!


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